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Timely and Efficient Lawn Sprinkler Maintenance in Lakeland, FL

Professional Lawn Sprinkler System Maintenance in Lakeland, FL


While most people don’t give them too much credit, lawn sprinkler systems are responsible for keeping any lawn in its best condition. However, just like any other piece of equipment, sprinkler systems start having issues that need to be sorted out as quickly as possible. If you reside in Lakeland, FL and don’t wish to have any problems with yours, you can rely on Ernesto Garcia Irrigation System Services for a professional lawn sprinkler maintenance service.


Professional Repairs and More

To keep your lawn sprinkler system in optimal condition, I offer a variety of repairs along with other services that are certain to prolong the life of your outdoor equipment. Upon a thorough on-site inspection of your lawn sprinklers, I can handle issues, such as:


  • Faulty controller
  • Leaks from multiple zones
  • Buzzing pumps
  • Pop Up Failure
  • Incorrect or ineffective head height
  • Poor water pressure
  • And much more


Scheduled Maintenance Solutions

I am well-aware of the potential benefits that come with proper lawn sprinkler maintenance. This is one reason why I have devised and follow a bullet-proof program to ensure the proper working order of any lawn sprinkler system, be it residential or commercial. Once I cover a full on-site inspection of your lawn sprinkler, I will familiarize myself with the most common problems that it may be subjected to. After that, I will discuss your needs and offer a maintenance solution that will keep your entire piece of equipment in optimal working condition. The tasks I will perform may include work, such as:


  • Pump valve inspections
  • Rotor head replacement
  • Pressure regulator change
  • Sprinkler repairs
  • And more


Contact my company in Lakeland, FL if you are interested in the lawn sprinkler maintenance solutions I offer. You can learn more about Ernesto Garcia Irrigation System Services and the pros of turning to me for the other services I provide. You can also request an estimate on my labor and make an appointment by dialing (863) 322-0140. I’m looking forward to your call. Contact me today!