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Selecting an irrigation system can be a tough choice, but choosing an irrigation specialist is even harder. Ernesto Garcia Irrigation System Services is the name of my company. If you are in the Lakeland, FL neighborhood, you can call me for:

Residential Irrigation Systems

I help the local community keep their residential and commercial irrigation systems in top condition. I realize that your property and irrigation equipment are costly investments, and for that reason, I put in all my effort, time, and resources to maintain your sprinkler with regular inspections and repairs.

Irrigation System Repair

Irrigation System Repair

Sprinkler Installation

Generally speaking, the installation of a new lawn sprinkler starts with having the necessary tools and materials for the project. I will look for the location of the municipal water main and the other utilities. I know how to put all the components together, including the piping, wires, sprinklers, and valves.

Sprinkler Repair

During my 14-year career, I have seen it all – burst sprinkler pipes, broken heads, leaky valves, and so much more. You can contact me to troubleshoot all kinds of problems with your current system and improve its performance. With my quality repairs, I will extend the lifespan of your expensive equipment, too.

Drainage Service

Do you have any problems with the drainage of your landscape? Do you experience frequent floods and standing water in your yard after a rainfall? This is a serious problem that should not be ignored as it can quickly kill your plants. I will come to inspect your yard and discover what is happening and come up with a solution to the problem.

Other Services

Ernesto Garcia Irrigation System Services is the perfect choice for tree pruning and full yard cleanups as well. I execute spring, fall, and all-year-round cleanups using my contemporary equipment. My tree trimming services will spare you a lot of time and make your trees look attractive and healthy.

For any queries, make sure you get in touch with me at (863) 322-0140. I operate in Lakeland, FL and take pride in my commendable and budget-friendly services.